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Good app

Easy to use and easy to read ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Works well

Works well and is useful.

Sold in 3 days !

Very impressed on how quickly my item sold. Never done this before and I seen the commercial and had to try and very pleased.

Its a great app

I like the fact that you can take a picture and sell something to any person in the world. I would recommend this app to anyone who likes to sell or trade.

Let Go Come On People!

Great App! The fastest way to post a classified ad. Now we only need more people to use it.

So gooooooooooood

Wow it is so good I sell my paintings good such wow jeez holy ballz yess

Great way to sell stuff

Love the commercial

Mixed emotions

Edit 9/7/16: I live in Long Island, NY. Why is it that I constantly receive messages, or see sellers from Connecticut? How hard is it to decipher that, even though CT is within 30 miles across the water, ITS NOT EVEN THE SAME STATE!!! Jesus... Fix this!!! Original review: It is a great concept for an online selling app. I cant really leave a review on my interactions with people. That wouldnt be fair to the app. with that being said, people are absolutely flakes. So many "Im interested" messages with no follow through. This app 100% absolutely needs a repost option for sellers. After 48 hours or so, your items get so buried, no one will ever see them. The fact that I need to completely repost the ad is a little silly.

Hasnt worked for me yet.

I have tried, unsuccessfully, 4 or five times to purchase items from this app. The sellers either do not get back to me, get back to me weeks later, or I even had one seller tell me I could purchase the item from them only to have them sell it to someone else. I know it is not the apps fault but it has been a total waste of my time. I tried.


Easy to use and link!!


Has frozen, will not uninstall, update or anything

Love this app

Love this app I use it all the time


Good app. Sell your stuff for free.

Needs improvement

I like the simplicity of this app, but there are a few problems. You can only upload one picture at a time which is a pain. The title of the item covers the pictures and you cant move it. Thats annoying.

Easy to use

Easy to post, lets hope my items sell just as easy as they were too post.

Pretty slick app

Easy to use. Works well

Super Pleased Customer

My husband and I love this app. I am admin over a few groups on the popular "Facebook". But way too many people are selling and very few buying. So I decided to give "LetGo" a try as well as "OfferUp". If you only have one of these, get both. I post on "LetGo", after a day or so if no one has asked to buy what I have posted then I post it to the other app. Very seldom do I have to put that item on a "Facebook" selling group. However, I have had a couple "no shows", "low ballers", "liars", and "just plain annoying" people. All in all I would recommend this app. Thank You LetGo team. -Amber C. From GA-

Good App; Generates Interest

Its easy to use and I like it better than Offer Up as it generated more bites. Im still yet to sell but I dont think the onus is solely on the app.


More pictures need to be allowed, for a better description of the product.

I like it.

It be cool if you could have more pics uploaded.

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